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He Gained International Notoriety to Meet his Family

Photo by Miguel Ángel Sanz on Unsplash   There have been numerous aircraft hijackings all around the world since 1910. This particular hijacker is the first and ever Sri Lankan hijacker. There are separate public opinions about him back then and now. He is a hero to some people, at the same time he is a criminal to others. After you read this, it is up to you to decide if he is a hero or a criminal. He is Sepala Ekanayake. I don't want to mention himself to anyone in Sri Lanka. Since he is famous that much among the Sri Lankans. This particular person didn't gain only Sri Lankan attention at the time but internationally as well. All this happened on June 30, 1982, after he hijacked the Alitalia Boeing 747 with 340 passengers on board. Sri Lanka is a small island. A man in such a country has hijacked a Boeing jumbo jet passenger flight! How is it possible? Let me tell you the story. He was a revolutionary even as a child Sepala was born on June 3, 1949, in a village called Kara