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The Rooted Angel

A short story about nature. Nature gives us what we never expected. Sometimes, it is for the better, but sometimes, it is for the worst. It all depends on how we loved nature. Image by Stanly8853 from Pixabay   Some time ago, Mr. Peter lost his job. As a result of increased illness, which had occurred a little while ago. For this reason, Mrs. Peter had to bear all the expenses of the family. Mrs. Peter is a journalist with the local newspaper. However, after selling their home, they moved to a new home that is smaller than their former home. Due to lack of money, they wanted to save money for Mr. Peter's treatments.   Their newly purchased home had everything that Mr. and Mrs. Peter wanted, except for the littleness. The house was located at the corner of the street and had a harvest garden and picturesque surroundings.  Most of the time, they spent time in their garden. There was an enormous oak tree a few meters away from their bedroom window. They preferred to spend more time i