How I felt after shaving my head

Bald hair is a fashion nowadays. Recently, I have heard about a lot of people shaved their heads because of this pandemic season. But I shaved my head before the pandemic. I did it because I wanted a fresh start for my hair. Let's start from the beginning.

Before I shaved my head, I had straightened and colored hair. My hair length was at-least near to the hip. After every six months, I used to straighten my hair because I had curly hair before the straightening. However, I did all the styles to my hair. At last, I wanted healthy hair with a fresh start. For that, I wanted to shave my head.

After I start living in Europe, it quite helpful for me to shave my head, as my family didn't like much about my decision to lose my hair. Many people who heard about my decision told me various opinions. Some of them told me that my hair never regrowth like in earlier, my appearance will be ugly, like that.

Though I eventually shaved my head. But I didn't look at my hair falling out. I was curious if it would fit my face. When I watch my face from the mirror for the first time, I felt it's suiting for my face. It's quite relieved to me. It's feeling awesome, comfortable, and relaxing. Ironically, I couldn't decide what to apply to my head when I take a shower. Shampoo? or body wash? I hadn't the hair on my head to apply shampoo. After taking a shower, it's feeling cold around the bald head. The head feels well ventilated. Then I started treatment on my bald head to regrowth hair. I'll tell you about my hair treatment in the next post. Stay tuned!
Image: KnidPNG