A secret hospital

The hospital that was a secret to the whole world.

Among the most horrific and tragic events of World War II, this hospital tells us a story of courage, humanity, and solidarity. The name of this hospital is Franja Partisan Hospital. It is located in the remote gorge of Cerkno, western Slovenia. This hospital is being built to protect those injured in the war as the Geneva Conventions are being ignored by the enemy forces. The built of this hospital was initiated by a partisan doctor named Franja. The biggest problem for hospitals at that time was to keep their hospital as a secret. She originally ran the hospital in the underground.

The hospital has secretly treated people of different nationalities who were injured in World War II. Most of the injured are brought to the hospital at night. They have used various tactics to evade enemy forces. The injured have been brought across the waterways, if there is any sign left on the road it will be removed immediately and various plants have been planted to block the road to the hospital. Enemy forces approached the hospital twice but did not find the hospital. When the hospital guards from the caves at the top of the rocks informed the hospital when the enemy troops entered the jungle, they took the patients to these caves. When the enemy forces leave the jungle, the patients are taken back to the hospital. At one point, they even set the fire to protect the hospital. There has been a lot of support from the locals to keep this hospital as a secret. This hospital which was a secret until the end of the war has now been turned into a museum of national importance.
Source: BBC Reel
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