The Heart of the Baltic Sea

I'm so excited to tell you that I sailed on a cruise for three days. I have been to Helsinki by ferry. It was not long enough to satisfy my thirst for sailing. It wasn't for that long. However, it whetted my appetite for sailing. So, I took a weekend cruise to Mariehamn, Åland Islands.

Her name was MS Victoria I (Victoria I). She is operated by an Estonian ferry company called Tallink. Her rout is connecting Stockholm, Sweden to Tallinn, Estonia via Mariehamn, Åland Islands. She can carry 2500 passengers on board. There are over 700 cabins, 2252 passenger beds,  modern dining restaurants, cafes, and bars inside of her. Her interior feels like a luxury hotel or a luxury shopping mall. The tax-free shop, perfume shop, fashion shop, nightclubs and dancing restaurant, a playroom for children, a conference department will be made your trip unforgettable.

With all these things, it was one of the best trips since I started traveling.
Well, let's find out about the destination today. Have you heard about the Åland Islands before? I visited Mariehamn, the capital of the Åland Islands. Here, I'll share the location of the Åland Islands.

Could you see it? Mariehamn is located in the very heart of the Baltic Sea, halfway between Finland and Sweden. That's why Mariehamn is called "The Heart of the Baltic Sea".

There aren't any hustle-bustle in the Mariehamn like any other capitals around the Baltic Sea. Picturesque nature and friendly locals always welcome the tourists. However, summer is the best time to visit there. Moreover, in the summertime, you can encounter music festivals and cultural fairs with maritime culture.
The town of Mariehamn is easily reachable by foot, bicycle, or bus from the port. I recommend you by bicycle is the best way to explore all sights around the city. The Åland Islands are known as cycle-friendly islands. Near the port, there are a lot of bicycles for rent.
Inside the harbor and along the way to the city, you can find tourist counters. They will offer you Brochures of Åland made by the town of Mariehamn. You will find information about the City Walk, attractions, and places to visit from those Brochures. Remember not to throw away the Brochures once you have what you need. For it is unpleasant to that beautiful city.
St. George's Church was the first sight I saw. It was a fully brick church.

Many of the city's shops and restaurants are located around the central Mariehamn. There is a statue of Nikolai Sittkoff in front of the shopping mall of Mariehamn. He was the owner of the first Åland-owned ship to sail around the world. Another eye-catching sculpture is the statue of Tsarinna Maria Aleksandrovna where is located on the slope of the town hall.
Mariehamn has nice and clean beaches. Lilla holmen is the public beach. It is close to the city center. When you go there in the summer, you can get a fresh bath from that beautiful beach.

There are a small zoo and playground for children near the public beach. You can spend hours here to enjoy its atmosphere, nature, birds and animals.
This is the most significant and unique place in Mariehamn. The museum ship Pommern is the part of Åland’s Maritime Museum. There are a lot of things to learn about the maritime history of  Åland. When you onboard, you will experience the maritime history of Åland.

Åland is well known for its beautiful and unique archipelago. You can experience nature in many ways in Mariehamn. Friendly locals are always helpful to the tourist. Here I will share the live experience I had. I hope it will whet your apatite to visit Mariehamn.