Riga On Wheels!

Hello everyone,

After a long time of the COVID-9 pandemic lockdown, I started to travel again. I had been visited pretty much around Estonia before. This time I went to a city in another country. It was Riga, the capital of Latvia.
The biggest advantage in Europe is the ability to travel through many countries easily.

There are many ways to reach Riga. By car, bus, train, or plane. I took a bus directly to the city of Riga from Tallinn. It'll take around 4 hours and a half minutes to reach Riga.

Let's see what I saw around Riga city. I saw this Freedom Monument in the distance when I was heading towards to the Riga Old Town. This Freedom Monument is for the heroes killed in action during the Latvian War of Independence. There is a copper figure of Liberty lifting three gilded stars on the top of the travertine column.

There are big letters for the word of Riga without the "I" letter, in front of this Freedom Monument. You will be the crucial "I" letter of Riga. Unfortunately, I couldn't complete the word of Riga because of the long queue of tourists.

The medieval Old Town is the center of the city. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. There are highly diverse architecture buildings in the Old Town. The House of the Black Head, St. Peter's Church, Riga Catredle, and Three Brothers are very famous among them. Let's get to know a little bit about them.

The House of the Black Head was erected for the Brotherhood of Blackheads in Riga. Today it is a Museum and the grand ballroom. It is located in the Town Hall Square.

The St. Peter's Church is situated next to this House of the Blak Head.

Riga Cathedral is one of the best recognizable landmarks in Latvia where is located on Dome Square in Old Town.

Three Brothers is a complex of three medieval homes. There is a legend that they were built by three brothers in one family.  The older brother is at the right corner, then the middle brother and then the younger brother, which is narrow and small.

The Roland Statue and the artwork of The Ghost were captured by my camera like this.
The Swedish Gate is part of the old city wall. It is one of the few entrances to the city.

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes on the streets and squares of Old Town for all tastes.
I saw this Riga Nativity of Christ Cathedral like on heaven in the distance. This is one of my favorite photos of churches in Europe.
This powder tower on the left and the Latvian Academy of Sciences on the right gives us an impression of how buildings looked like years ago and today. Today, Powder Tower is a War Museum.
The Daugava river is a major part of the Riga city. It started from Russia and flowing through Russia, Belarus, and Latvia. Finally, the river meets into Baltic Sea from here. As a city near a river, Riga has the best transport and trade corridor.
There are few bridges around the Riga city because of this Daugava river. The Vanšu Bridge, translation of English is Cable Car Bridge captured my attention among them.

Finally, If you want to do shopping while you travel, here is Europe's largest market and bazaar in Riga. The Riga Central Market is near to the bus station.

There are plenty of parks and gardens around the city. They bring comfort and beautiful scenes to the eyes.
However, I hope this post will give you the attention to visit Riga. If you like to check more photos of Riga, click here. Let's meet on another tour of Europe.