A Massive Vessel Floating Across The Sea

I had my first cruise experience!

You know what? I always had been curious about getting on a cruise. It was an adventure for me to find what was in that massive vessel floating across the sea. Although the cruise I went on was not that big, it was exciting.

We traveled to Helsinki, Finland. We departed from Tallinn, Estonia. I didn’t feel like we were inside a ship at all. It seemed more like a luxury hotel. There were a few restaurants that you can have your meals from breakfast to dinner as you wish. It had a massive entertainment area. In there, a music group played lovely songs to passengers. Some of the passengers danced for those songs. There were no boring moments on the cruise.
Helsinki is 82.1 kilometers north of Tallinn across the baltic sea.  It is the capital of Finland. We couldn't visit much in Helsinki because we spent so much time on the cruise. However, we visited a few of the most popular tourist attractions. Helsinki Cathedral is a unique landmark in Finland.

Moreover, we visited another picturesque cathedral called Uspenski Cathedral. If you are a reader who read my old posts, you know I love to capture beautiful churches in Europe.

Helsinki owns a lot of beautiful buildings from various architectural styles. They are trying to keep the city very nature friendly.

At last, we had a cold beer near the deck of the port before we left.
The cruise experience was amazing. I suggest you go out on a cruise and get that marvelous experience. I hope to explore Helsinki and Finland's countryside more on another day. If you like more photos of Helsinki, here it is.