A Calm And Refreshing Park...

Last winter, we went to another city in Estonia. Even though the trip wasn't a big success, I would love to share the experience with my fellow travelers.

It was Rakvere. Rakvere is a city in northern Estonia. We went there by train from Tallinn. When we reached there, at least around 9.30 am. We had a little bit of difficulty finding a place to have breakfast. However, Laada Cafe saved the day. I underestimated the size of their regular burger.

After that, we walked towards Rakvere castle. Previously, I heard that inside of Rakvere Castle is very entertaining. Unfortunately, Rakvere castle was closed. Before planning a trip to Rakvere castle, please check if it is open or closed here. Don't make the same mistake.

However, with a slight disappointment, we tumble down the castle hill. There we found the tranquilize refreshingly clam People's Park. That is a place where Ducks were socializing and enjoying cold weather. They healed our broken hearts. We spent there the rest of our day with lovely Ducks.

The best lesson for me here is that we need to plan for it before we go anywhere. In that case, I hope my mistake will help make your journey a success.