The River Guarded By Twin Castles....

Hey guys! Can you imagine two fortresses guard a border in nowadays?

The two giant castles on each other two opposite banks that it seems like a historical movie. If you want to see this view, you should go to the Narva, in Estonia. Narva is the third-largest city in Estonia and the country's eastern extreme point. Also, Narva is the border city between Estonia and Russia. This river is Estonia's largest river, which called the Narva river. The river forms the border. Estonia on the right and Russia on the left.

Here are some facts about Narva. Let's begin to know how to reach there. There are three ways to reach Narva from Tallinn by train, bus, or car. I chose the bus option. It took at least 2 hours and 50 minutes to reach Narva.

First, I went to the Narva Museum. There are no less than 15 minutes of walking distance from the bus station to the Narva museum. This beautiful city views captured my attention as I was heading toward the museum.

The monument of Paul Keres is inviting you to play a chess game. He is an Estonian chess player and international grandmaster.

Today Narva museum is a previous Narva castle called Hermann Castle.

You know what? An exciting thing happened when I bought a ticket. They offered me a specially minted coin with the ticket. Then I can keep it as a souvenir or buy a handicraft with it from the castle's Northern courtyard.

You can visit the blacksmiths and the potters in the courtyard. This courtyard is an attempt to recreate what life was like many years ago. Finally, I bought the handicrafts.

The other side of the courtyard is the entrance to the castle. When you were entering the castle, you'll come to this courtyard.

The museum is the castle building. It provides details about the town history, war history and there are many monuments and the art gallery in the castle.

To the top of the tower, I could see this amazing view of the Ivangorod castle across the river. Let's say if you climb to the top of the tower, you can wave a hand to Russia.

These are the museum's entrance tickets. Everyone who leaves the museum sticks their tickets near the column.

This is the Narva Alexander’s Cathedral. It is the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Narva.

This is The Resurrection of Christ Cathedral is a Neo-Byzantine style Estonian Orthodox Church in Narva.

The Narva Town Hall is another historic building in Narva. It is located in the town hall square next to the Narva college.

On the first floor of the Narva college building, you can find the Cafe Muna. They offer the best food.

I hope this post will encourage you to visit the Narva.