Explore Tallinn Surroundings...

I went to my first trip out of the Tallinn. It is Paldiski. Paldiski is away 50 km by road from Tallinn. Paldiski is one of the famous cities in Estonia to tourism. It is located on a peninsula.

I went there by train which leaves the Baltijaam train station. Usually, it will take an hour to get there by train. There are beautiful sceneries along the way.

Near the train station, you will find these directions signboards. Those will help you to find which way the tourist destinations.

I choose Pakerort cliff and Pakri lighthouse. It is several kilometers of hiking. So... I took a taxi to reach the Pakerort cliff.

Pakerort cliff is an ancient cliff wall on the western coast of the Pakri peninsula and also the highest coastal terrace. The maximum height of the Pakerort cliff is 24 meters. Beautiful plants and trees hide the terrace.

The edge of the cliff may be in danger of collapse and slippery. Be careful! The stair is leading down from the edge of the cliff.

When you climb down the stairs, you will see this beautiful view.

Pakri lighthouse is at least 1.5 kilometers away from the stair. You'll see the lighthouse tower in the distance. Between the lighthouse and the cliff, you can see the Paldiski wind farm. Along the way, I could capture the amazing nature photography.

The ruined old lighthouse is still on edge of a limestone cliff. Due to the natural collapse of the soft limestone cliff face, it will eventually fall into the sea.

A new stone lighthouse is meters away from the limestone cliff edge. It is called Pakri lighthouse.

You'll find a cafe called Pakri Parun next to the lighthouse.

There are at least 7 kilometers from the Pakri lighthouse to Pladiski town center. If you are not such a hiking person, I suggest you go there by bicycle. Otherwise don't leave the taxi.

If you are sitting on the Tallinn and looking for a day trip, Paldiski is your place.