Back To The Wilderness....

Any nature lovers?

If you want to take a picture like this one, you should go into a dense jungle. But I took this picture from standing in a little forest which is near to a small town in Estonia. Here that adorable small town.

Viljandi is located in Southern Estonia. It is one of the most visited summer festival destinations in Estonia. I reached there by train. The train is the easiest way to get to the Viljandi.

There are giant strawberries around the Viljandi city. They make the city delicious. These strawberries are based on a painting called Strawberry Eaters. There are eight strawberries around the city.

The ruins of Viljandi Castle is the most attractive place for the tourists. On the way to the castle, you will find this Viljandi Suspension Bridge. It was a present to the Viljandi city from the lord of the Tarvastu Manor Karl von Mensenkampff.

Due to the wars, Viljandi Castle has only a few stone walls today. 

The remaining wall of the Viljandi castle's convent is still occupying the area around the converted open-air theater.

When you are standing on the ruined castle courtyard, you have the picturesque views of the lake of Viljandi.

Castle's surroundings are like a green paradise. It is the castle park. It feels like in a forest when I walk on the road through the park. Any nature lover can go there and relax.

On the southern border of the castle hills, you can see this Central-Devonian Sandstone. The discovery of Sandstones in castle gardens is certainly a wonderful reminder of nature during the hustle and bustle of the city.

This Equestrian statue of General Johan Laidoner also in the castle park. He is the Commander-in-Chief of the Estonian Army during the War of Independence. He was born in Viljandi County.

This is the St. John's Church in Viljandi. The biggest chime of Estonia is here. Chimes and beautiful music can be heard every day. I do love to take pictures of these beautiful churches in Estonia.

Estonia has a unique festival called the Estonian Song Festival. It is one of the largest choral events in the world. The main song festival ground is located on Tallinn. But every city in Estonia respects their own song festival ground. Here is the Viljandi Song Festival Ground.

In the middle of the Viljandi town, you can see this amazing brick tower. It is the Viljandi Old Water Tower. Now it is a museum for tourists.

Finally, Viljandi is one of the nature-friendly city in all of Estonia. If you want to get fresh air in the middle of a city, I suggest Viljandi in Estonia. Also, there is an eye-pleasing view of flowers.