Living in a Dream

Can anyone live in their dreams..? Interesting..?

This post is for you guys. Today I'll share with you my Second Home. Tallinn, Estonia. In December 2019, I finally achieved my dream of living in Europe.

Let's get started knowing about the Tallinn. Tallinn is the capital of The Republic of Estonia where is located in Northern Europe. Tallinn is located in the northern part of the country.

Before you start to visit the Tallinn, you should know about the Tallinn City Card. Its a time-limited card to visitors. This one gives you free public transportation, free entry to many museums and other places, and discounts from restaurants, shops, and bars.

The Old Town is the major tourist attraction place in Tallinn. Its actually the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Tallinn Old Town is one of the best medieval cities in all of Europe.

Viru Gate is the entrance to the Old Town.

You can see this view from the city walls on the upper side of the Old Town.

First of all, you should get permission from this buddy to watch from there. He owns the place. Be careful, sometimes they are very aggressive.

This is the Tallinn's largest Orthodox Cathedral. It called The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Located at the top of the old town.

If you climbed from the Town Hall Square, you will enter to the Danish King's Garden. Just beneath the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. There are three monk statues in the garden.

Usually, I am going to the old town at least twice a week. I love to sit in the Town Hall Square and have dinner.

Town Hall Square located in the center of the Old Town. There are many restaurants and bars around the Town Hall Square. You can find medieval-themed restaurants that will take you back to Hanseatic times. Town Hall Square is a place for small festivals. Usually, some shops and stalls selling traditional Estonian items, foods, drinks, and souvenirs. 

In the Christmas season, the Old Town is very busy. Wow, it's my favorite time in the year. Tallinn Christmas tree is usually displayed here around Christmas Time. The Christmas market at the Town Hall Square is magical.

Flower nurseries in Old Town full of flowers in the other season of the year.

So, this is my dream was coming true. Later I'll tell you about other places in Tallinn and the beautiful cities of Estonia. If you haven't added visit Tallinn to your bucket list, do it right now! You'll thank me later!