Linux Directory Structure and Command Prompt

Hello everybody out there reading my post!

I'll try to learn about Linux. Learning new things is my passion. Also, I like to share those things with you. Perhaps you are trying to learn Linux. Consider these are my short notes. Here I'll share my first note about the Linux directory structure.

The directory structure explained here.

tree / is the command to get a tree of the root, tree / -L 1 is the command to get level 1 of the root.

To understand the Linux Command Prompt, Let's break down the prompt.


morty    -  user name
c137      -  computer name
:             -  separator
~           -  home directory
$            -  represent regula user

The root user's prompt is,
# sign for the root user, this is not the root of the file system /. This is a user account with all the privileges.