Knitting is Relaxing...

Hello Everyone!

This is my first experience sharing with you. It is one of my hobbies. Knitting!

Here I will share a little bit about Knitting. Knitting is so much more than just a way to make something. To me, the process of knitting is relaxing and even therapeutic. It doesn’t require a big investment to learn how to knit. You just want yarn and needles. It only takes a few hours to learn the basics.

I hope that I could spark your interest in knitting with this post.

There are only three steps in knitting.
  • Casting On
  • Knitting
  • Binding Off

Let’s find out how to Cast On in knitting. Every knitting starts with Casting On. Here I present two Cast On techniques that are the most commonly used.
  • Single Cast On
  • Long tail Cast On
Single Cast On

Step 1: First, you want to make a loop from your yarn. It's called slipknot.


Step 2: Then you should insert the needle through the slipknot. Then pull the yarn tail to tighten the needle between loop.

Now your needle and yarn are ready to cast on.

Step 3: Then wrap the working yarn (which is connected to the ball of yarn) around the thumb on your left hand.

Now you have a loop around your thumb.

Step 4: Then bring the needle under working yarn through up.

Step 5: Release your thumb and pull the working yarn.

Continue Step 3 to Step 5 until how many stitches you want to be cast on.

Longtail Cast On

Longtail is my favorite Cast On technique. Because it makes a nice edge. Before starting to Cast On, you should leave a tail at the end of the yarn. That length of the tail depends on your desire number of stitches. You can calculate that length from wrap the yarn around the needle for each stitch.

Step 1: Start with a slipknot.

Step 2: Put the thumb and pointer finger on your left hand between the working yarn and the tail yarn. Make sure the tail yarn draped over the thumb and the working yarn over the pointer finger. Take the needle into your right hand.

Step 3: Hold the needle with the slipknot and pull down rather than your thumb and pointer finger level.

Now you have two loops around your thumb and pointer finger.

Step 4: Bring the needle under the outer piece of yarn on your pointer finger and up through the loop.

Step 5: Bring the outer piece of yarn on your thumb through the loop in pointer finger.

Step 6: Release the pointer finger and pull the working yarn.

Continue Step 4 to Step 6 until how many stitches you want to be cast on.

Now you know how to Cast On in Knitting. Keep practicing. Later we will learn how to Knit Stitches.