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Linux Directory Structure and Command Prompt

Hello everybody out there reading my post! I'll try to learn about Linux. Learning new things is my passion. Also, I like to share those things with you. Perhaps you are trying to learn Linux. Consider these are my short notes. Here I'll share my first note about the Linux directory structure. The directory structure explained here. tree / is the command to get a tree of the root, tree / -L 1 is the command to get level 1 of the root. To understand the Linux Command Prompt, Let's break down the prompt. morty@ c137 : ~ $ morty     -  user name c137       -  computer name :             -  separator ~           -  home directory $            -  represent regula user The root user's prompt is, root@c137:~# # sign for the root user, this is not the root of the file system / . This is a user account with all the privileges.

Knitting Practice Time!

Hello there! Have you seen my Knittin Is Relaxing post? No?  Here take a look before you read this post. Now, exactly you know how to Cast On. I know, you can’t wait until making your own knitted scarf or socks or a cap or a hairband or whatever. Be patient… First, you want to practice. To practice, I would suggest you knit a small square. Until you are comfortable with Cast On, Binding Off, and everything between. If you mess up, start from the beginning. Let’s see what do we want for this project. Ball of yarn Two needles Finishing needle Scissor I Cast On 20 stitches for my square. But it doesn't have to be exact. Increase the no of stitches, increase the size of the square. Once I told you that my favorite Cast On technique is Longtail Cast On. So I used the Longtail Cast On method. Cast On as your wish method and number of stitches, then follow these steps to learn the knit stitches. Step 1: Hold the Cast On needle in you

Living in a Dream

Can anyone live in their dreams..? Interesting..? This post is for you guys. Today I'll share with you my Second Home. Tallinn, Estonia. In December 2019, I finally achieved my dream of living in Europe. Let's get started knowing about the Tallinn. Tallinn is the capital of The Republic of Estonia where is located in Northern Europe. Tallinn is located in the northern part of the country. Before you start to visit the Tallinn, you should know about the Tallinn City Card. Its a time-limited card to visitors. This one gives you free public transportation, free entry to many museums and other places, and discounts from restaurants, shops, and bars. The Old Town is the major tourist attraction place in Tallinn. Its actually the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Tallinn Old Town is one of the best medieval cities in all of Europe.   Viru Gate is the entrance to the Old Town. You can see this view from the city walls on the upper side of the Old Town.

Knitting is Relaxing...

Hello Everyone! This is my first experience sharing with you. It is one of my hobbies. Knitting! Here I will share a little bit about Knitting. Knitting is so much more than just a way to make something. To me, the process of knitting is relaxing and even therapeutic. It doesn’t require a big investment to learn how to knit. You just want yarn and needles. It only takes a few hours to learn the basics. I hope that I could spark your interest in knitting with this post. There are only three steps in knitting. Casting On Knitting Binding Off Let’s find out how to Cast On in knitting. Every knitting starts with Casting On. Here I present two Cast On techniques that are the most commonly used. Single Cast On Long tail Cast On Single Cast On Step 1: First, you want to make a loop from your yarn. It's called slipknot.   Step 2: Then you should insert the needle through the slipknot. Then pull the yarn tail to tighten the needle be